So guys if you don't know theres a petition which I'm gonna link right here: 

Anyways this link is a petition to bring detentionaire back, the more signatures there are the closer we are to getting detentionaire back. Big companies will do anything if they see enough people supporting it. Right now there are 118 signatures which is a lot but if we can spread this to all detentionaire fans. Now something else I would like to talk about it bringing detentionaire over to the United States, I think that if we do this it'll allow them to make more money because they will be protected by the US copyright laws which allows them to make more money from the show and it'll create even more fans. Now in the US we don't have Teletoon, what we do have is Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney. Disney and Nickelodeon probably won't do very well broadcasting this show due to the fact that they have a ton of live action shows. Now for Cartoon Network the creators did have some episodes on the website but due to Cartoon Network's crappy advertising not many people found out about it and they appearently had the episode out of order. Also most programs on Cartoon Network are aimed for the younger audience and not really for the older audience, the only shows really for the older audience could possible be is maybe Regular Show and definently Total Drama. So sadly it seems like that it might not make it to the US but I figured that if we the US Detentionaire fans show that they need this TV show then they might adopt it because Cartoon Network did premier a lot of Canadian Flash made TV shows for example Total Drama, 6teen, and Stoked. So I have hope that they may show Detentionaire from their history of showing teen aimed flash canadian shows that were just listed. So tell me your opinions and ideas for making Cartoon Network to broadcast it.