Unamed Female Council Member

Kerrigan first makes an appearance in All That Taz, where it is implied that she is the group's software expert. She has a strong hatred for Fateous Mann and regularly doubts that his plans will ever succeed. She was the one who revealed to Cassandra McAdams that The Red Tazelwurm had taken the second key.


In The Hydra, being too stubborn to stop when told, attempts to open the Antiquis Triangulum using the two keys the Council has recovered. Because she attempted to open the Antiquis Triangulum without the eclipse, the ray that is shot from the top of the pyramid put her into a deep slumber, akin to Niles Peg before her. She is seen being shipped to Coral Grove in Pyramid Scheme then at Coral Grove with Finnwich and Lynch Webber in Mannifestum Rising.


Kerrigan is a tall Caucasian female. She has short, black hair that goes down to her chin, and black eyes. She appears to wear eye shadow above her eye, as well as lipstick.

She is commonly seen wearing a black v-neck sweater with a large, blueish belt. She is also commonly seen wearing a necklace around her abnormally long neck.