Fateous Mann is the 2nd Council Member to be revealed in the show, as he first appeared in All That Taz. He seems to be the hardware specialist withing The Council, having tried to recreate the second Key to open the Pyramind, but it failed. He doesn't get along with the Unnamed Female Council Member as seen in All That Taz, when she doubted he would be able to succeed in his plans. He seemed to be talking to his sister - Cassandra McAdams in Pyramid Scheme. At the end of Date With Destiny. Inside of the Pyramid, however, a trapdoor beneath the altar opens, and out comes Fateous. Behind him are legions of the unknown race (the race The Leader was trying to get back to the surface). The episode ends with this cliffhanger, indicating that the conspiracy may continue.

rapdoor beneath the altar opens, and out comes the Unnamed Council Member. Behind him are legions of the unknown race

Devins 041

Cassandra "Mann" McAdams and Fattius


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Season 4


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