The Outcasts Strikes Back!
The Outcasts Strike back
Season 3 · Episode 8
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Directed by Kevin Micallef
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Flag of Australia   Air Date June 17, 2013
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The Outcasts Strike Back! is the eighth episode of Season 3 and the 35th episode overall.


"I'm Lee Ping, the guy who got set up for the mother of all pranks at the weirdest school in existence, so weird that we got the Lochness monster's third cousin the Tatzelwurm for a mascot. He supposedly got magic whiskers that can reverse any curse. So The Outcasts Clique were desperate to get their hands one to try and reverse their curse of being terminally uncool. I don't know if it worked out for them yet but the Tatzelwurm has definitely been helping me. He got my hands on this ancient skeleton key, the one that Lynch wants so bad, Lynch told me the time is near but before he could tell me anything else those weird looking Reaper Hazmat things showed up. How did they find out about our secret rondevu?"

  • Preview

Lee alongside Jenny Jerkins, Lou Black and Deuce Markowitz are in The Pyramid Chamber and are under siege by Tatzelwurm cyborgs, they are saved by a shock collar armed Cleaner who then turns it's attention to the group.

  • 8:01 AM

Lee is with Holger Holgaart and Camillio Martinez on the bus discussing Lynch. The Outcasts along with Brad Von Chillstein arrives on the bus. Brad has apparently never been on a bus before and is only there to do research for a upcoming Von Chillstein movie entitled "Brick McSlam Street Car Justice." As they are passing through a tunnel Lee's bag is stolen with the Key inside.

Biffy Goldstien and Lee suspect Lynch is responsible, immediately assuming that he acted through Giuseppe Stern. Biffy's impromptu interrogation of of Giuseppe and further back talk to Principal General Barrage earns him triple detention, which according to Biffy is all part of his plan to test his various anti-detention room cell phone jamming techniques. Camillio, angry that the bag has been stolen from under his nose, devises a plan to get it back.

  • 8:15 AM

While Lee is trying to figure out who took the bag, he receives a call from Camillio telling him that "Camski and Dutch" are on the case. Before Lee can ask what they're talking about they request that Lou Black report to the student Council room. Inside the Student Council room Camillio and Holger discuss interrogation methods, Holger insisting on being called "Doctor cop."

Conducting the interrogation of Lou, Holger starts by asking him the name of the Gold fish he drew, with Lou guessing correctly he lets him go. Tina meanwhile is conducting a interview in front of the illegal fence built around the school, pointing out the Eyebots in the guard towers. Lee spots the Outcasts in the back ground carrying his bag, Lee thus secures a bathroom pass to chase after them.

Meanwhile in the detention room Biffy and Mrs. Rumplekittykat are chewing gum to stick the device to the door.

  • 8:20 AM

Holger and Camillio are continuing the interrogations with Suzie Elliott of the Environmentalists. Barrage arrives on scene to figure out what they're doing to which Camillio explains that they're conducting a investigation into the theft of Lee's bag. Barrage, interrogation being a specialty of his, insists on helping. Lee meanwhile is hunting down the Outcasts, asking Tina for directions, leaving her concerned.

Following Tina's directions Lee chases them down a hole they dug into the underground tunnels. Though Lee finds his bag the Key is not in it. Calling Camillio for back up and learning that Barrage is helping them with the interrogations Lee instructs them to keep him there at all costs. Brad arrives, with a video camera, intending to do research for the movie and thus requests to be psychologically broken by Barrage so that he can record it.

  • 8:35 AM

In the Detention room Biffy has completed the device and contacts Lee with it. At the same time Lee runs into the Outcasts who are being chased by a blue Tatzelwurm cyborg. With Biffy's aid the group is led to the safety of a force field using which they defeat the Cyborg. Before Lee leads the group to safety he makes them hand over the Key, wondering why they wanted it since he already got them a whisker.

To this end they reveal that they accidentally destroyed it when Deuce tried to eat it, and accidently burned it when Lou made him drop it, while trying to figure out what to do with it. They found a book in the library that Jenny thinks could be important but the book refuses to open. They took the key without asking because they thought he wouldn't help them because they think that no one likes the Outcasts. Lee explains that he helped them before, and all they had to do is ask.

Over hearing an announcement that the pyramid room is under attack by Tatzelwurms Lou (thinking that he'll be able to get another whisker) runs off, Lee trying to remind him that it's the red one they want.

  • 8:40 AM

Holger is continuing the interrogations, without apparent success. The Outcasts and Lee arrive at the Pyramid room which is under the protection of another force field. The group ends up trapped in the pyramid room by the force field (which Deuce tries to eat). Picking up where the preview left off the cleaners are on the loosing end of the fight, but the group is able to confiscate one of their stun weapons for their own use.

The Tatzelwurms destroyed the generators powering the force fields forcing the council member in charge to retreat, during which Lee observes that he has a Key like his own.

  • 8:44 AM

The interrogation moves onto Brandy Silver whom points out that she wasn't even on the bus, ever. Back to the Pyramid Lee orders the others to escape while he investigates the pyramid. While Lou and Deuce follow orders Jenny goes to help Lee.

  • 8:48 AM

The interrogation has moved onto Irwin Dexter whom Holger is having name various cheeses in alphabetical order, which is frustrating Barrage.

  • 8:50 AM

In the pyramid room Lee has observed that there are two slots for key's, one for his and one for the council's key. Unfortunately Jenny is attacked by a Tatzelwurm whom takes possession of the book. Lou takes the tazer from Deuce and throws it at the Tatzelwurm rendering it unconscious and getting the book back, with Biffy's help they are led back to the library, still being chased by the blue Tatzelwurms, when they are nearly at the door Deuce trips and nearly gets attacked by a blue Tatzelworm but he is saved by the Red Tatzelwurm. The group, with the Tatzelwurm, escape safely (Lee commenting on how ironic it was that something almost ate Deuce).

  • 9:06 AM

Holger has moved onto Beth. Barrage admits that Holger is crazy but he's also a interrogating genius, the victim would tell him anything just to make him stop. Meanwhile Lee asks the Tatzelwurm for another whisker, whom reluctantly gives it up. He also unlocks the book by biting it, making Lee realize that the book is important, unfortunately Mr. Langhorne confiscates Lee's bathroom pass, Lee having taken his longest bathroom break ever.

Meanwhile Holger ends the interrogations having deduced who took the bag, though he doesn't really explain how he figured it out he states that it was Jenny Jerkins. Lee and Jenny meanwhile are deciphering the book, spotting a symbol that resemble's Lee's tattoo. Barrage barges in and gives Jenny one week detention for stealing the back-pack. Once home Lee discusses the Key with Jenny, deciding to hide it somewhere safe, Lee unknowingly hides it with the Bug planted in his room.


Detentionaire Episode 35 The Outcasts Strike Back21:36

Detentionaire Episode 35 The Outcasts Strike Back


7:30am and 2:00pm, 17th June 2013 ~ on ABC 3 (channel 23)


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