The Council (not to be confused with the Student Council) is the main antagonistic force of Detentionaire.

Council MembersEdit

His EminenceEdit

His Eminence

His Eminence

Detentionaire 52 flashback

Alexander Nigma and His Eminence in the Pyramid


His Eminence Telling Cassandra about the Pyramid

A Semi humanoid creature over 112 years old he was accidentally freed from a state of suspended animation from inside of the pyramid by Alexander Nigma's group and after leaving Alexander to die trapped inside the Pyramid marked each of them with special marks that they would pass down to their descendants and founded a cult around himself based on reopening the Pyramid at all costs leading to the modern iteration of the Council.
Devins 043

His Eminence Lee's Dad in Book

Cassandra McAdamsEdit

Cassandra MacAdams

Cassandra McAdams

Cassadra McAdams is the de-facto leader and figurehead of the Council. In addition to being the mother of Kimmie McAdams she is also the CEO of the corporate conglomerate of Mann, Wurst and Finnwich as well as the maternal granddaughter of one of its founders, Elizabeth Mann.

Devins 041

unnamed Man and Cassandra

Whereas the Serpent is the Muscle and the siblings the brains Cassandra acts as the money woman, she funds all of the Council's operations, a great many directed towards world domination and expects to see a profit from her plans.

Fateous MannEdit

The council 2

He first appeared in Escape from Fort Nigma where the other members of the council picks him up from the airport. He appears to be the group's resident hardware specialist, attempting to recreate The key stolen by The Red Tatzelwurm and later on attempts to implant a chip in his head to extract the Key's location[1]. He seems to be a bit eccentric.

His sister is also involved with the Council. Whether she is Cassandra, or one of the experts on the Pyramid, is ambiguous. After the Antiquis Triangulum is blown up by Finnwich in Follow that Finnwich, he is presumably dead as he was the only one to be inside the pyramid when it explodes, though he is presumed dead as revealed in Date With Destiny he survived by ducking into the Pyramid's underground section.

The SerpentEdit

The Serpent

Main article: The Serpent

The Serpent (real name: Li Ping) first appears at the A. Nigma High annual dance as the shadowed figure that grabbed Vice Principal Victoria's arm[2]. He bears a striking resemblance to Lee Ping; he has same sort of facial features and seems to come from Asian heritage. In season 4 it is revealed that he could possibly be Lee's older brother.

The Serpent has black hair with a blue streak on the right. He also speaks with an Japaneise accent, and has a red and blue necklace which matches the colours of the two Tatzelwurms which can be seen at the back of the secret Pyramid Book. The neclace gives off the smells of sulphur, causing Lee and friends to dub him "Stink-ninja." 

He was first properly introduced at the pyramid chamber as he fought Blue Tatzelwurms with a wooden staff[1]. He knew there was the key from Lee's bedroom due to the bug and stole the key from his bedroom[3]. He runs a downtown casino called The Hydra[4]. Also, he owns a giant snake named Priscilia for unknown reasons, rather interested in Lee's family and it's history[4]. As an owner of a casino he loves games and gambling[4] He is also responsible for spying the Pings as he is frequently shown taking pictures of their every day life[5]Whether he's doing it for The Council or his own gain is unknown. Then he slowly starts to work behind Cassandra's back  and met up with his Eminence about his birthright to which Cassandra noticed and shipped him off to Coral Grove after they had a splendid fight in which Cassandra had readily won.


Unamed Female Council Member
Kerrigan first appears in All That Taz and seams to be the group's software expert. She has a strong hatred for Fateous Mann and regularly doubts that his plans will ever succeed. She was the one who told Cassandra that The Red Tatzelwurm had taken the second key based on information from Veronica Victoria's files.

In the 37th episode, The Hydra, Kerrigan tries to open the pyramid with the 2 keys. Fateous Mann was going to open the pyramid but Kerrigan grabs the keys. When they are inserted, the keys fall out and a large eye at the top of the pyramid zaps the female with a ray, causing her to fall into a deep coma, similar to Niles Peg. She was shipped of to Coral Grove at the end of Pyramid Scheme. Strangely, Lee's dad has a picture of her in his book.

Devins 044

Unamed Female Council Member (Unamed Female Council Member in Lee's Dad Book)


  • The Serpent smells like sulfur and cologne.[6]
  • By the way Mrs. Ping reacted to Lee's sketches she might know at least basics about the Council and their goals.
  • Finnwich seems to know some things about the Council and does not like them.
  • It appears that the prank was planned for 15-22 years because The Serpent was trained since he was a child.


The Serpent


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