Sue Ping, often referred to as Mrs. Ping, is the overbearing mother of Lee Ping and the wife of Mr. Ping. She teaches math at A Nigma High[1]. She is a demanding teacher and is very strict with her students, especially her son, whom she grounds for a full year after the Prank is pulled. She is voiced by Marjorie Chan.

Mrs. Ping expects nothing less than perfection from people and berates them for anything less. Though it appears she doesn't work in the lab below the School she might be involved, to some degree, in the conspiracy that surrounds her son.


Mrs. Ping considers herself to be en exemplary housewife and great cook. She has great marksmanship.



She has short black-brown hair and is usually seen wearing a red dress and crimson high heels. In the picture with her, Mr. Ping and an infant Lee, She wore a red dress with black pants and was shown to have longer hair, having it go down to her back with the rest in a short bun with kansanshi poking from her bun.


Lee PingEdit

Lee is Mrs. Ping's son. She raises him with an iron fist and demands perfection of him[1]. Yet as every mother she also has a soft side, which results with sporadic showing of affection[2] and rewarding Lee whenever he proves worthy her trust[3]

Dr. Alfred PingEdit

Dr. Ping is Sue's husband. Mr. Alfred believes that his wife hates him doing dangerous things, though it was obvious he was lying when he said this.[2]. Her relationship with Mr Ping improves with time. As she is more affectionate around her husband when he finally comes back from business trip. She even gives Lee a free Saturday so they both can spend time alone together.

Li "The Serpent" PingEdit

He would be Mrs. Ping's first son and Lee Ping's older brother. Apparently, she and Alfred never told Lee about him for unknown reasons. Whether it was her or her clone who saw The Serpent when she went to the hair salon is unknown, but she did not recognize him.



  • Mrs. Ping is a terrible driver
    • Cam, in some ways, enjoys driving with her since all the trips feels like being in an action movie to him.
  • She sings Korean songs when she drives and at the hairdressers.
  • Sue and Alfred met each other and lived for a while in Korea.
  • In Band of Heroes she is revealed to have been cloned with the #1 in the Shi-Hu Kim clones series appearing. In "Date with Destiny", it is revealed that Shi-Hu is Sue's maiden name and thus 'Sue' is not her birth name but one she took when she and Alfred came to Canada.
  • She was later found and rescued by Lee from the cloning laboratory in Coral Grove.


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