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The Steam-mats prepare to attack Cam And Lee

Steam-Mats are Finnwich's version of the Cleaner robots, serving as his private army. The robots first appeared in Finding Finnwich when they attacked Lee and Cam on a roller coaster to help Finnwich escape. They returned in Fence-O-Palooza to defend Lee and Lynch against Reaper-mats. They attacked Lee,  Jenny Jerkins and Tina, on Lynch's orders in Corndog Day Afternoon, and in Pyramid scheme they act as shocktroopers, storming A. Nigma High with red-crystal sanitizer guns to allow Finnwich and Lynch to gain control of the Pyramid. The Steam-mats are similar in design to the A. Nigma Cleaners, the most notable difference being their hooded brown cloaks. They are also shown to have grappling hooks which they fire from their palms, although that may have been a special model designed to guard Finnwich's Zeppelin. They appear to be able to hold their own in combat against Cleaners, but alone are no match for the Council's Reaper-mats and must rely on strength in numbers against them.

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