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The Skaters, nicknamed the "Hyperactive Squirrel Brains" by Lee Ping, are the embodiment of absent-minded, surfer stereotype. They speak entirely in slang and have a problem with understanding people from outside their clique. They are led by Zed.

History Edit

Season 1 Edit

The Skaters were recruited by Radcircles (who at the time impersonated Lee Ping), to help him with a part of the Prank. According to the schematics the skaters were responsible for rigging several cans of Radioactive green paint to fall on the students and staff of A Nigma High.

They also planned a second prank (partly because of a misunderstanding Lee's suggestion): they rigged several cans of the Radioactive Green paint to fall on "the student of the week" which, thanks to sabotaged voting, would come up as Principal General Barrage. Though Lee's intervention nearly ruined the prank the Skaters successfully dumped the paint on Barrage and Chaz Monorainian.

They participated in the yearly Battle of the Bands under the alias of "Skate or Die Trying" singing a rap song, they were eliminated from the competition thought, because they didn't rehearse their performance.

Members Edit

Unofficial Members Edit


  • They were called Hyperactive Squirrel Brains by Lee, as he believed them to have the attention span of a squirrel's.
  • Skaters love pranking others and were more amazed than angry from the outcome of The Prank.
  • The skater in the hoodie and glasses is thought to be by some fans a girl. Mostly because of the long hair and the glasses covering some of the skaters face.
  • The skaters helped rig up the prank with a fake e-mail from Lee.


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