Professor Penniert
Professor Penniert (Name spelling is not confirmed) is an Astronomy Professor at A Nigma High and first appears in episode: Pyramid Scheme. His glasses, long hair and colonial era attire give him a strong resemblance to 18th century,inventor Benjamin Franklin.

The professor constructed a very precise camera (High-tech telescope) used to observe and record the solar eclipse directly.

The professor

The professor and his telescope

Chaz constantly argued that it was a super weapon and was the only way to stop 'The End of the World'. When Penniert attempted to correct him Chaz decided he must be being mind controlled by aliens. The camera was destroyed when a tazelwurm statue sent shock waves out during the eclipse, destroying any electrical device.

In Revenge of the Cycle Killers it is Penniert's resemblance to and fervent admiration for Benjamin Franklin that first sparks Lee's suspicions that the A Nigma High teachers are clones. These suspicions appear to have been confirmed when Lee discovered that all the teachers share the same birthday: February 29th, and reside in the same condo building which has been fitted to gas them when they lie on their beds and send them to a strange pod chamber.

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