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The School News Team is a group of three people who work for the daily school news. The team works at the news studio[1][2] and consists of two anchors, Tina Kwee and Chaz Monorainian, and one cameraman, Stepak. The two anchors are constantly fighting, and attempt to "out-scoop" each other. The show constantly has new segments, and each day introduces a new fight between both reporters. This was only until Chaz kept some footage of The Prank, and was kicked off the news team by Barrage, leaving only Tina and Stepak.[2] Despite being kicked off the news team, Chaz was quickly re-instated when his father met with Ace Von Chillstein and Vice Principal Victoria[3], and was later put on the team when the student body on the day of the Student President election day. [3]Only to yet again be kicked off the team by the new school president in Splitting Hairs. When he breifly takes over the news, and interveiws Brandy on Cam's fall from power.


Former MembersEdit

  • Principal General Barrage -- Though technically not on the News Team, Barrage did appear on the news multiple times[4][5]
  • Camillio -- Although he was only faking, with the help of Tina, it in order to get into the school servers. [6]

Unknown MembersEdit

  • Lynch -- Lynch works at the School Servers. It is unknown if he helps out with the news team.


  • Regular news segment -- The main segment, with Tina and Chaz talking about the news around school and fighting/bickering with each other.
  • "Ping gets Dinged" -- This segment covered the fight between Lee and the 15th Graders.[7]
  • "Chaz's Corner" -- A segment featuring Chaz. This segment is usually news about something important or something Chaz considers important.
  • "Campaigns" -- This segment includes the campaign ads for the school president elections.[8]


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