Nasasha 2

Nasasha is a minor character that has only been seen talking during the episode Corndog Day Afternoon. She is seen numorous times as a random character walking through A. Nigma High's corridors and only gained a larger role during the episode Fight or Flight. Despite this, she has had only one speaking line in the show.

Nasasha 3


Prior to series start 

Nasasha was in Mrs Rosenbluim's grade three class along with Steve, Camillio, Dickey, Grayson, Cyrus, Suzie, Brad, Irwin, TrevorLaGreenor and another un-named student who has also been seen numerous times. She seemed to be rather chummy with Dickey when they were in younger grades.

Cam's grade 3 class

Nasasha next to Dickey. She is the 3rd from the left on the bottom row

Season 3Edit

Trivia Edit

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