Mummy Ping and the Snake Man of Evil
Mummy Ping and The Snake Man of Evil
Season 4 · Episode 8
Episode Information
Written by Daniel Bryan Franklin & Charles Johnston
Directed by Kevin Micallef
Flag of Canada   Air Date
Flag of Australia   Air Date December 27, 2013
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Mummy Ping and the Snake Man of Evil is the 8th episode of season 4 and 48th overall.

When Holger accidentally gives Dr. Ping some bad pizza, he ends up in the hospital. Now Lee has to get there first when he realises The Serpent is on his way there.


  •  On street car

(Lee) "Howdy folks! Lee Ping here. I'm the kid who got detention for a whole year. But that was ages ago.

(Holger humming)

(Lee)  "Ok Holg seriously, what the what is with all that?"

(Holger) "It be Holger-misters tribute for papa of Pings. Because Holger be accidentally giving daddy Ping fish pizza and he be allergic to it's deadly yummyness."

(Lee)  "Ok, so you're going to the hospital to give my dad that uhh ... lovely gift-basket?"

(Holger Voice over) "NO! Holger go to harbour to sacrifice traditional basket of happy offerings for un-timeless fish poisoning to Posiden. But your idea being much better. Ok! Bye!"

(Lee) "Tell Dad I'll visit him after detention!"

"Ok, so where was I? Ping, detention, whole year, dad, the hospital. Right! So besides all that, it turns out Stink-Ninja has been spying on me and my family, and not just in the creepy watching every move we make way, more like collecting our DNA kind of way, which definitely falls into the full throttle creepy category. And why? So not sure, but he did say;

(Serpent voice over) "You're nothing but a half-rate copy of me."

(Lee) Which is uber weird considering some, most, all, of out teacher are clones AKA copies. Oh and the proof on that? Biffy and I found their regeneration pods. So maybe I am a clone of that guy. Whoa heavy. Or maybe he just said that to mess me up. Dude does love messing with people. Like how he used Jenny dating her, and stealing the book, what a-"

(Jenny) Lee sorry for losing the book, majorly bad judgment on my part I know. But what's the deal between you guys? You have like almost the exact same tattoo.

(Lee) I don't know, but there's a slight chance I'm his clone, so that kind of bites.

  • 8:01 AM

Cam walks back onto school grounds coming back from his suspension, confused by the lack of greetings. He is then chased by people who are "hard working" and dislike that he cheated, stating that he probably cheated to become president. He calls Brandy to see where she is only to find out she doesn't want to come to school, because she is no longer part of the Glamazons. Cam reassures her that it's just temporary. Eventually, she goes to school, just as the cleaners barge into her house, inspecting the drawer where the Coral Grove pamphlets were.

Cassandra is revealed to be watching via robot, and sends a file of a mission about the fingerprints on the drawer to The Serpent, who is pretending to be sick and asks for hot and sour soup. The fingerprints are those of Tina and Jenny. Then she leaves, telling the Sepent her chef will whip up some soup "with a side order of roasted sarcasm." He then leaves for the hospital.

Meanwhile Holger is at the hospital and panics when he thinks Alfred has been turned into a mummy, only to realize that he is in the next bed over. Holger then starts forcing him into playing a board game, but Alfred falls asleep because the nurse has given him a shot.

Back at school, BIffy is trying to figure out the code to the teacher's lounge because Lee and him concluded that area smelled like knock-out gas just like Mr Langhorn's apartment before they fell into the cloning room, therefore it might be another entrance. The news comes on and Chaz interrupts Tina as usual, but this time, broadcasting from inside a locker. He then ambushes Cam and Brandy and begins asking questions about their recent falls from power.

Lee attempts to get Tina to stop Chaz but she is distracted by the principal when he begins to talk about Coral Grove, and leads her away to talk about it.

  • 8:25 AM

Back at the hospital, Holger is still trying to play the board game with a sleeping Dr. Ping and attempts to wake him up, by yelling and opening the curtains. When he looks out the window, he sees The Serpent in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Chaz is still trying to interveiw Cam and Brandy, while Biffy and Lee are trying to break into the room. When Chaz asks her what she wants to say to Kimmie she then says to Kimmie that "You know that pink sweater that went missing? I took it. I look better in it anyways." Kimmie then jumps out of a locker and begins to argue with her.

Lee then gets a call from Holger, and he tells him that the Serpent is at the hospital. Lee then instructs him to hide his dad as he leaves to go to the hospital.

Holger attempts to hide Dr. Ping by either taking out everyone's eyes or wrapping him up in bandages like the patient he originally thought was Dr. Ping. He chooses the latter.

  • 8:28 AM

When Tina and Principal Wurst arrive at the principal's office, Wurst then asks if she has any files on Coral Grove and wants her to tell him everything she knows.

Back at the hospital, Holger is finishing bandaging Mr. Ping while talking to Lee on the phone. Holger then pushes him to the elevator on a wheel chair, only for the nurse at the desk to call in security, which happens to be the Hazmat cleaners.

Finally, the Serpent has reached the room and mistakes the other patient (wrapped in bandages) for Dr. Ping, and states that "Someone is extra allergic to fish. I guess it runs in the family," and , "You might want to try moisturizer for the hives instead of wrapping yourself up like a mummy."

He goes on to talk about having a father-son chat that they never had.

  • 8:34

At school, Brandy and Kimmie are still arguing while Biffy tries to figure out the code to the staff room. Kimmie then comes by and tells him that she knows the code and if he says "Your mom is not evil," she will give him the code.

Meanwhile, the Serpent is still interrogating who he thinks is Dr. Ping, only to discover he has the wrong person, as Holger makes it to an elevator and waits for it to open as he is being pursued by the cleaners.

  • 8:38

In Wurst's office, they are still going over everything Tina knows,  discovering that all the people who had been taken away were done so under the orders of Kimmie's mom, and that Brandy's mom, being a judge, found a way to make it legal . While listening, Wurst secretly presses a hidden button under his desk.

Back with Holger and the bandaged Mr. Ping, the elevator opens with Lee inside, just in time to save them from the cleaners. Suddenly the elevator stops, and the lights go out as The Serpent's laughter is heard.

At school, Biffy is still trying to say, "Your mom's not evil," with difficulty. Biffy then states when he can't say it that (the password is); "It's probably something all villian-y like the first four letters of her name." He tries it on the door and it works, causing Kimmie to storm off in a rage.

Inside the elevator, the Serpent breaks inside. Holger attempts to stop him with his "magic" powers, but ends up being pushed against the wall. The Serpent begins to talk about how the pictures of Lee and his family were really of him and (his) family. Seeing as the mark on Lee's arm didn't match the one in the picture, while his did, and how the back of the picture was labeled 1992, the year he (The Serpent) was born, while Lee was born in 1997. He goes on talking about the tattoos. Dr. Ping states that Lee can't trust him and that it's a trap because the Serpent works for them.  

The Serpent inserts a key into the elevator to get onto a restricted floor. The Serpent then continues to talk about having lots of proof, before opening the elevator. Holger re-attempts using his "magic" powers, but fails. The Serpent escapes with Dr. Ping and tells Lee "Don't spoil the family re-union boys, it's been so nice up to now. Stay here and maybe we will catch up a little later. Ok bro?" Lee is then confused, saying he doesn't get it, and is wondering whether he is a clone of the Serpent or whether the Serpent his older brother.

Inside Wurst's office a Blue Blue Reaper Mat appears and takes Tina away, as Wurst explains she is going to the place that she is so facinated by, a place for people who know to much, (Coral Grove) and offers her candy for the trip.




  • This episode reveals that Lee was born in 1997, while the Serpent in 1992.
  • The reoccurring joke of pretending to be sick to get out of doing something, or sneaking around un-detected is used again, this time by the Serpent.
  • This episode reveals that The Serpent is Lee's older brother.
  • Holger frequently mentions "Knock Knock" jokes throughout the episode, referencing Lynch Webber's "Radcircles" persona from the first season.
  • This episode marks the second time where a main character gets sent to Coral Grove.
    • The first was in The Dance Part 2, where Tina Kwee, Lee Ping and Wendell Barrage get sent there, although they manage to escape.
    • Coincidentally, Tina Kwee is the character who gets sent to Coral Grove in this episode.
  • The episode reveals that Principal Wurst was acting as a spy for Cassandra McAdams.


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