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Bro-o, Lee used to be a Mathlete and Irwin and him used to be the bestest friends back in the day (...) One day snug as Mexican bugs. The next, dastardly enemies! So, it's the Circle of Life, dude...
-Cam to Holger about Lee's and Erwin's past (From Math Math Revolution)}}


Lee and Irwin were best friends when Lee was a member of the Mathletes. For reasons unknown, their friendship ended and the two have become enemies.

Showing FriendshipEdit

Showing ConflictEdit

  • In Math Math Revolution Irwin attempts to ruin Lee's reputation by photo shopping a picture of Lee picking his nose, the original photo was actually Irwin picking his nose.
  • Irwin takes Holger hostage when he thinks Lee is trying to steal the answer to a math problem, Lee and Irwin engage in a hybrid math/dance off game to decide Holger's fate. Lee is on the verge of winning when Irwin cheats to secure the victory, but Lee manages to save Holger in the end.
  • Irwin refuses to help Lee figure out the code to Radcircles phone unless he does something in return.
  • It was also revealed that he is part of the Down with Lee Club along with a few select students who dislike him.



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