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I'm Dash Monoranian and that moment update was brought to you by me
-Dash Moneranian (From If the Shoe Fits)

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Dash (second to left) is having a party with his former classmates

Dash Monoranian is a news reporter and the father of Chaz Monorainian.[1].


Before the seriesEdit

Very little is known about Dash's past before the series' beginning. What is known that he attended the same high school as Veronica Victoria, Mrs. Von Chillstein, and Ace Von Chilstein, and was friends with all of them.[1].

Season 1Edit

After Lee Ping abandoned Brandy Silver's party during the events of Friday Night Bites, Dash interviewed the former about her party.

Season TwoEdit

At Brad's pool party, he asked Vice Principal Victoria if she could do anything about his son being removed from the school news team[1].


# Episode Role Notes
- Theme Song Cameo appearance Dudes of Darkness music video version
Season 1
# Episode Role Notes
05 Friday Night Bites Minor role First appearance
Season 2
# Episode Role Notes
15 If the Shoe Fits Minor role


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