Common Denominator
Season 4 · Episode 6
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Written by Amy Benham
Directed by Kevin Micallef
Flag of Canada   Air Date
Flag of Australia   Air Date December 13, 2013
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Common Denominator is the 6th episode of Season 4 and the 46th episode overall.

When Lee and Biffy's cloning conspiracy investigation leads them to Brandy's apartment, they start to discover why so many teachers live there.


The Teachers

All the teachers

Key: Lee (normal text) Biffy (text in bold)

"Oh hey! Ping here. Guess who has fallen through a tunnel to who knows where, again!"

"You and ah, our certain doom. Hey, you got a lozenge? All this screaming is making my throat dry."

"Fresh out. Anyways, before any of this my best friend Cam became a suspended ex-president. And Holger   claims to have received super powers that lets him feel love vibes. To bad he realised all this after I asked out Tina and got my butt handed to me."

"But all that doesn't matter now, remember? Because we're plunging to our certain death. All because you were convinced the teachers were clones!"

"Hey, you were there when we found files that proved a whole bunch of them live in Brandy's apartment and have the same birthday."

"Yeah, and that wasn't even the strangest part. What about you finding a file on your mum! But before we could see how she was involved, the Taz snatched it!"

"Yeah, why wouldn't he want me to see it? And then there's that certain someone who has been really stepping up his messing with my a-game lately. He even took a sample of my hair! So if the teachers are clones, could The Serpent be cloning me? Doesn't he have better things to do then make copies of a tenth-grader?"

  • Flash Forward

Lee Ping and Biffy Goldstien land in yet another underground lab, this one features pods. Biffy's landing is significantly more painful smashing one of the computers in the lab.

  • 8:00AM

Lee attempts to ask his mother about her birthday and that she shares it with the all the other teachers at the school. According to Sue there are 7 billion people in the world and 366 birthdays including leap year meaning that at least 19 million people were born on the leap year. Even so the odds that all the teachers would be born on the same day are also incredibly unlikely, to which his mother wants him to calculate.

  • 8:02AM

Camillio Martinez calls Brandy Silver having officially reached a new low in his boredom as he is actually interested in Brandy's life. Unfortunately Kimmie McAdams comes in and informs Brandy that since Cassandra McAdams is taking the yacht today they've decided to hold the Glamazon vote for a new leader at Brandy's apartment instead. Brandy refuses Camillio's offer for help since he's on the outs with the school.

  • 8:08AM

Lee is dropped off at the school by his mother whom reminds him that since she's going to be taking Alfred Ping to dinner today so she isn't going to be able to pick Lee up after school today, but he is still grounded so she wants him to come staight home anyway. Biffy, rambling too fast from being hyped on coffee, comes up to Lee and tells him about his idea to figure out about the clone conspiracy.

The 15th Graders have known the teachers the longest and if anyone knows anything about them its them.

  • 8:17AM

Holger Holgart is experimenting with his powers, without success it seems. Beth and Irwin Dexter come on the news dressed as a wizard and knight respectively, apparently having taken over the news. They announce that Prune juice will now be a regular part of the cafeteria menu, much to the student body's displeasure. Lee takes advantage to secure a bathroom pass to which Mr. Langhorne gives him.

Holger however has completed a picture depicting Chopper McNeal firing a catapult at Beth.

  • 8:22AM

The 15th graders have completed work on a Trebuchet and are now moving it outside to test it. Lee approaches the trio to ask them about the teachers, claiming that they have to show him what they know they turn Lee into the unwilling payload for their trebuchet. Meanwhile Kimmie is having lunch with the other Glamazon's and is criticizing the other's choice in lipstick.

When Kimmie leaves Brandy points out that Kimmie has been acting like a dictator ever since her breakup with Biffy and asks them to think about it for a while. Meanwhile the 15th Graders have completed their adjustments to their catapult and prepares to fling Lee across the hallway. Biffy however arrives on seen and stops them substituting Lee for a crumpled locker door.

When questioned why they were building a catapult Stinky reveals that they're building it for Chopper's crush Beth. Everyday lately Beth has been coming to the wood-shop to get Chopper to make medieval weapons for her Castle and Serpents role play group and has even come to dub him "Black Smith." Figuring that Irwin isn't cut out to be a knight they built a siege weapon for her.

Lee and Biffy are able to take advantage of Chopper's crush to get him to hand over all the information he has to offer on the teachers. Asking him if he knows anything weird about them Chopper reveals that he's built a rather close relationship with the metal shop teacher Peddy and has numerous photos of the two of them together in his locker.

The photos, each only a year apart, depicts the teacher with having gained and lost weight back and forth several times. Lee asks if Peddy's in today to which Stinky said that he suddenly started foaming at the mouth before calling in sick. Meanwhile Holger has drawn another picture this one depicting Chopper having his heart broken outside the portable when the date with Beth Biffy promised him doesn't go through and resolves to fix the problem.

  • 3:10PM

Brandy is trying to convince the others to vote for her rather than Kimmie at the vote but the others are too afraid of Kimmie, and too stupid to realize they can eject her, to vote against her. Camillio calls Brandy to inform her of his plans to help her but his mother's security system is stopping him at every turn. Kimmie finds Brandy and compares her to Benedict Arnold and asking Camillio he informs her that Kimmie's onto her.

  • 3:54PM

Lee is using Biffy's cellphone jammer by-pass system to ask Holger what he's doing, to which Holger explains that he's trying to prevent Chopper's heart from being crushed. Camillio also calls Lee for advice on how to sneak out of the house to which he informs him to simply ask his mother, whom evidently likes Brandy very much, to let him help her to which she does.

  • 3:56PM

Beth meanwhile is running the Student Council meeting like a dictatorship. Holger comes in and drags her off, informing her of Chopper's crush on her and that he's currently waiting out by the portable for her. Realizing what Holger means by "bald Blacksmith" she agrees to go meet him apparently reciprocating his crush.

  • 4:29PM

Meanwhile Biffy and Lee arrive outside Langhorne's apartment. Not knowing what they're going to ask Langhorne they are interrupted by the man himself. Meanwhile the voting for the Glamazon leader is underway, though Brandy and Kimmie are confident the others are a bit nervous. Holger has brought Chopper and Beth together at the portable and goes to get them Chopper's trebuchet while they begin to interact.

Meanwhile Biffy and Lee agree to help Langhorne with his groceries. Biffy notes that Langhorne has bought nothing but spaghetti pasta, not even sauce for it. Before they can ask him about it the room is gassed by Green Apple Splat sleeping gas and Langhorne disappears right off of his bed. Meanwhile the voting is in and it doesn't look good for Brandy. Meanwhile Lee and Biffy have awoken and Langhorne is nowhere in sight.

Following his trail the pair cover their mouths and lay down on his bed and are subsequently gasses and delivered down a hole underneath the bed. Holger alongside Irwin and the other 15th graders have retrieved and brought forth the Trebuchet with Holger gladly taking the position of the payload to test the siege weapon, successful Beth gives Chopper her thanks. Picking up where the preview left off Lee and Biffy discover all of their teachers in pods.

Trying to wake up a Mr. Peddy clone Biffy accidentally turns him into dust and triggers an alarm, they opt to climb out the way they came before someone comes to check the break in.

  • 4:40PM

Meanwhile the votes have been counted and it's 3 for Kimmie 1 for Brandy, even in spite of Camillio's arrival. For trying to take the Glamazons in a coup Kimmie thusly kicks her out of the group, which Brandy is glad to leave seeing the horrible way that Kimmie treats those around her. Back at Lee's Biffy wonders over the internet if there are pods for all the teachers, including Lee's mother, and points out that it's easy to check.

Lee goes into his parent's room and ultimately determines that there is no clone disposal system like at Langhorne's apartment.



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6 Common Denominator


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