The Cheerleaders are a clique of generally popular female students that also act as the school's cheerleaders. They make numerous cameoes throughout the series, usually giggling at Lee Ping and his friends as they're walking by in the halls, implying that they have a crush on him. They were also seen at the football tryouts where they were cheering for the returning players and the newbies.


The cheerleaders in the school play.

They hid Camillio from the Cleaners as he knows Lee and they were hoping to meet him. They also participated in the school play as dancers and later as ninjas that got smacked around by Brandy, who doesn't know how to throw a punch.


Current MembersEdit


  • Cam calls them "chiquita leaders" and wants to either date or, at least, get a kiss from one of them [1].


  1. Detentionaire Extras - Lee introduces Cam

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